Our Vision

Kendal Nutricare’s Vision – “The Home of Family Nutrition”

Kendal Nutricare’s vision is to provide nutrition for the entire family using the best of British locally sourced full cream milk, formulated with vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients. Our range is made up of Kendamil from ages 0-2 years, Kendasure for ages 3-12 and Kendalife for ages 13-110.


We want to create a better way to eat where everyone has access to nutritious food, high quality that has a traceability so you are connected to the people that make it.  Our British milk is sourced in Cumbria and Lancashire from 220 Red Tractor certified farms.

Every stage of our process is closely monitored, we start by using “Red Tractor Approved” Farms, our dairy partner pasteurises the milk, our factory tests all raw materials prior to processing, during production and after packing and we document all batches, to give consumers the Trust and Confidence in our products.


We engage with the Community around us sponsoring local sports teams – Kendal Town Football ClubKendal Rugby Club as well as sponsoring local cricket matches, the Dragon Bay Regatta on Lake Windemere and other events across the Lake District.


We strongly believe we are doing the right thing – for parents and for our environment. We no longer use Palm Oil in our Infant & Formulas and we are working hard to replace it in our infant cereals. Cheap and relatively easy to grow, the cultivation of Palm Oil has a global impact. Palm Oil destroys rain-forests, drains carob rich peat-land and violates human rights of workers and local communities. Setting aside the ecological effects consider the direct impact Palm Oil can have on your child’s health. Palm Oil has a different triglyceride structure to mammals milk fat, palm oils & palm fat can bind with calcium, causing soreness in infants gut, constipation and reduced uptake of calcium. – Ref: Abbott Study 2002.

We have also taken action to protect the world’s fish stocks, rather than using Fish Oil to introduce Omega 3 we use Pure Marine Algae, a natural vegetarian source of Omega 3.

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