Our Kendamil brand is the only infant formula brand manufactured in Britain using British raw materials.

Our range of Kendamil infant formulas are made using full cream milk sourced locally from farms based in Cumbria and Lancashire.

Breast milk is the gold standard, it’s more filling, aids digestion and your child is more likely to get a sounder sleep. Nevertheless in cases where mothers are unable to, or choose not to breastfeed. In this case, infant formula is needed. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognise infant formula as the only safe alternative to breast milk.

Both Infant & Follow-on formula are highly regulated and subject to specific requirements in consideration of the vulnerable consumers.

Our Research & Development Team decided to meet parents first, to find out what issues they were having with their formula feeds. Feedback related to a rise in eczema amongst babies, increased colic, and constipation and disrupted sleep.

The heavy use of oils within a skimmed-milk formula – in which oil can constitute 25-30 per cent of the formulation – came under the spotlight. Two decades ago, the majority of infant formulas were based on full-cream fats, which did not need topping up with oils. The reason for the switch away from full-cream formulas was the cost.

Based on this feedback, our team developed a full-cream formulation using milk from local Red Tractor approved dairy farms. As a large amount of the fats needed in the formula came from the full cream milk the team were able to remove an amount of vegetable oils including Palm Oil.

They decided to not include any GMO’s or Fish Oil – Find out why here.

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The Kendalife brand is a convenient formulated nutritious drink that can be used as a supplement or as a full meal replacement.

One single serving provides 15g protein, 24 vitamins and minerals, essential BCAA’s and fatty acids combined with the equivalent of 45g of super fruits per glass.

Our R&D team found that supplements available on the market were either for people who visit the gym on a daily basis or older people who needed an energy boost. They also found meal replacements were generally quite tasteless.

Consequently, we here at Kendal Nutircare tasked ourselves to create a nature meal replacement with a blend full of fruit, milk, vitamins & minerals that tasted good enough to drink every day.

Kendalife was designed to be versatile and be easy to prepare for people on the go. Kendalife is here to help parents who have just had their baby who need to get back to full fitness. To help people who have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to buy lunch. For people who like to walk and exercise and don’t want heavy food weighing them down. Here to help the people looking to loose weight with a calorie controlled diet. To fit around a sports routine to give that extra boost you need to win.

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