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Kendamil Is The Only British Infant & Toddler Formula Manufacturer



The UK Infant Formula Market

The UK market, valued at £480m, is among one of the highest annual sales in the world of bottle fed infant & toddler milks which are consumed by 98% of UK infants.

However the market is dominated by three brands owned by Multinationals based in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Kendamil is the only British infant milk brand on the market, using British milk and manufactured entirely in Britain, Each of our competitors use European Milk and manufacture in Europe.

Great Britain is known to have one of the highest food standards in the world, being strictly enforced at both farm and factory by inspectors from Defra, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Health, Health & Safety officers, Environmental Health Officers, Ethical trade Auditors, HSE, Trading Standards inspectors, Soil Association inspectors, Halal inspectors and Kosher inspectors etc.


About Kendamil

Our formula is a traditional recipe using the full cream nutrients found in whole milk sourced locally from farms based in and around The Lake District.

We believe that Breast Milk is best and ‘Mother Nature’ puts 51% saturated fat into breast milk to give new born infants energy to grow as well as the essential saturated fats needed for brain & nervous system development.

We know that cow’s saturated milk fats (triglycerides) are found only in the cream of the milk, which is naturally rich in calcium for bone development. By wet blending the full cream milk with the correct ratio of proteins, 60% whey and 40% casein (containing essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, valine, alanine, tyrosine, argenine, cysteine, methionine, glycine, proline, asparagine & serine) our recipe aims to get as close as possible to natural breast milk. Additionally we add Omega 3 sourced from Pure Marine Algae and Omega 6 and prebiotic Galacto- Oligosaccharides (GOS) to help encourage healthy bacteria in the infants gut to flourish.

We believe that too many vegetable oils are unhealthy for infants and with the rise in obesity we are actively researching their effects on childhood obesity. Our competitors use skim milk and vegetable oils including palm oil, though the triglycerides in these oils have a different chemical structure to the triglycerides in mammals milk, so they do not function in the same way when digested by an infant. In fact, these oils have been proven to bind with calcium ions to form soaps causing constipation and the disruption the absorption of calcium by the infant. The European Food safety authority have also created legislation that states glycerol esters levels in palm oil should be <3ppm as these have been proven to be carcinogenic.

With the help of our affiliated retailers like ASDA and Morrisons, Kendamil has switched back to the type of full-cream formula that babies of the 60s, 70s and 80s were raised on.

All of the milk we use in our formulas are traceable and we have earned Red Tractor accreditation.

Kendamil is available now from Kendamil.com, ASDAMorrisonsBoothsAmazon.co.uk and selected farm shops nationwide.

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