55 Years Of Nutrition Experience

The Home Of Family Nutrition

Since 1962, the Kendal Nutricare factory has manufactured high quality infant food products for Farleys, GSK, Boots and Heinz before becoming Kendal Nutricare in 2015.

Our factory is a state of the art manufacturing plant with an experienced team with over 20 years’ average industry experience. A highly qualified group of engineers, technicians, laboratory microbiologists and research scientists operate the factory to world class standards.

Key research into the rise of eczema, colic and how calcium is absorbed in the infant gut led the Kendamil team to develop an infant formula, free from Palm Oils, Fish Oils and develop GMO’s which consumers tell us aids constipation and promotes better sleep for your baby.

The Kendamil Team has wiped the slate clean returning to the tradition way of producing infant formula of using full cream nutrients which are the most valuable part of the milk. Breast Milk contains 51% saturated mammals milk fat, however all the multinationals use skimmed milk to cut costs and blend in extra vegetable oils.

We incentivise farmers  to increase the full cream nutrients. Yet big industry normally remove these to create high value butter and cheeses.

Though it costs Kendal Nutricare more to use the full cream milk, we know by increasing mammals milk fats in our Kendamil formulas we are getting closer to the gold standard of breast milk. (Big industry advertise the micro-nutrients they have added into their formula but forget to tell you that these micro-nutrients were already in the cream that they removed to create a cheaper infant formula from skimmed milk and vegetable oils, while increasing consumer prices each year).

The Full Cream Milk sourced from farms in and around the beautiful Lake District is carefully “wet blended” with essential fatty acids – linoleic & alpha-linolenic acid and fortified with proteins, vitamins and minerals to create a formula that is satisfying, smells good, tastes good and is nutritious to give your baby the best start in life.

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